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Asia Pacific Education Group (APEDU) is an education industry investment company, operating in Vancouver, Canada. It’s Founder and CEO, Feroz Ali has long been a champion of private post-secondary education and works with his Group to acquire niche education industry investments. In February 2016, APEDU purchased Canadian Tourism College (CTC), Canada’s oldest private tourism college. CTC operates campuses in Vancouver and Surrey, B.C. and proudly produces some of the best graduates in the industry. In November 2016 APEDU acquired Sterling College allowing APEDU to expand to the province of B.C.’s capital. In 2017 APEDU reentered the New Zealand education market with its purchase of New Zealand Fashion Tech, Whitecliffe and Computer Power plus forming NZ Largest Fine Arts and Technology schools offering Both Undergraduate and post graduate qualifications.

In 2020, APEDU sold it’s Canadian schools and acquired an equity stake with ILAC Education Group.


We advise on school acquisitions, sales, mergers, and also act for investors and sellers in the education sector.